Thursday, June 25, 2009

Entrepreneur to Get Money

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Appearance is one of the things that are considered important by the general public, especially young people today. Because with that follow the trend and fashion, they feel their level of self-confidence increased. So that they will perform a variety of efforts so that they appear interesting, and not of the age.

Therefore, we chose this business to meet market demand akan mode of the longer growing. We chose this business because Handycraft still a little business in this field, especially raw materials to produce products of flannelette. Reason we use flannel cloth as raw material, because in addition to easily obtained, according to our flannelette interesting and easily formed into accessories such as key holder, a mobile phone, hair accessories, etc..

Business Goals

Make the product as d'sailor craft products based aksesories flannelette used and always sought by the public, especially children and adolescents.

Always produce the exclusive (as produced with Handmade), not the market, unique, interesting, and the taste of the market, especially children and adolescents. Always create and develop new products according to needs, trends, and season (wordiness, Christmas, New Year, etc. ..), create new innovations so that the resulting product, interesting Conducting a campaign with the exhibitions, to introduce a product family, relatives and friends.

Business Objectives
Business Objectives d'sailor craft is to explore their own expense, add pocket money, the products we produce and preferred to introduce the product of more basic flannel cloth to the general public so that the products we produce sold.

Target Business
The target of this business is the sale of products to reach at least 100 items per month, a special accessories outlets flannelette in every mall in the city of Bandung, target marketing is expected to penetrate outside the city even overseas.

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